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Soybean lecithin

Product Description:
Soybean lecithin is a co-product of degumming crude soybean oil. Lecithin gums are obtained from soybean oil after the extraction of the oil from soybean flakes. By drying and cooling the gum, crude lecithin is obtained. Crude lecithin can either be deoiled to produce a dry lecithin product or further processed into standardized lecithin products. The benefits of including lecithin in animal feed formulations include improved digestibility of nutrients, improved feed intake and growth rate and increased feed utilization efficiency. It is also a consistent source of bioavailable phospholipids; a good energy source; a nutritionally superior source of choline, inositol and unsaturated fatty acids; acts as a natural antioxidant; reduces nutrient excretion rate; increases nitrogen retention; prevents perosis; reduces liver lipid; improves egg production rate and improves carcass quality.

Soybean lecithin

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