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Pilot food safety traceability system from raw material to the additive can be traceable

Spacious and bright and clean shop, locker room, between unpacking, packing materials inside and outside the warehouse, substandard goods area, cold storage of raw materials, finished products such as cold storage distinction clear, the air flow does not smell ...... This is yesterday morning, reporters at the Hangzhou Qianjiang Evening News Asia Industrial Park, a few more cured meat meat production enterprises in the town of Yuhang District Secretary Joe saw the scene. You might not imagine two years ago, these companies (at that time still only a small workshop) production plant in Montreal dirt, blood cross-flow, directly stacked on the floor like poultry meat. If not for the Yuhang District of Hangzhou food safety is an electronic traceability system pilot area, such a change may not come reborn so fast. Currently, the Asian multi-cured meat has 21 industrial parks in enterprises, including 19 production enterprises, 10 have received QS certification. Food safety traceability system in the end is what? "With the modernization of the promotion, regulatory approach will become more and more electronic information, the establishment of 'source can be traced back, whereabouts can be traced, the problem to be investigated, risk control' electronic food safety traceability system is the trend." Hangzhou Market Authority official told reporters. Simply put, companies will own all aspects of production and management process involves, for example, MO, production records and other input feed traceability system, you can achieve traced products and raw materials.

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