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No child-specific food additive standard flood risk purchasing overseas Tibetan

Children noodles, soy sauce children, children cheese ...... in a supermarket, the young mother Xiao Feng of shopping carts designed to put a bunch of baby food selection. "Children like this organic soy sauce, salt content than ordinary soy sauce is reduced by 35%, is suitable for my baby to eat." She told reporters that the reason children choose to reduce salt in children and special sauce, it can develop your baby small light taste prevention and control of hypertension, the body good. And compared to ordinary food, she is more trusted organic food, "because organic means no pollution, give the child to eat more at ease." Children over 3 years Lack of food access standards In recent years, various banner of "child-specific" signs of food much young mothers of all ages. However, careful Ms. Gao found no big difference in composition called baby food and adult food. Some of the pursuit of color and taste of children's food, the use of additives more. She told reporters: "Look, this child was only wheat flour noodles ingredients, calcium citrate, salt .300 gram packs, priced at 6.8 yuan the same weight of only 2.2 yuan ordinary noodles.." The reporters also found that a "Children mustard" green logo printed on the packaging, the ingredients have salt, pepper, vegetable oil, spices, food additives, sodium glutamate, citric acid and acesulfame, and ordinary mustard is basically the same ingredients. However, this section every 100 children mustard Kerry sodium content of up to 2719 mg, higher sodium content than ordinary mustard over 300 mg. In addition, some children's food but also to add some trace elements such as calcium, zinc, etc., as "selling point", while the child the day the amount of zinc intake guidance about 5 mg, if long-term, high-dose zinc supplementation may cause liver children, kidneys damage and zinc for a controlling premature enzyme promoting live action, it may lead to early sexual development starts. Social Investigation Center of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences researcher admitted that our children consume snacks, are implemented in accordance with the adult standard, but development has not been perfect for children of various organs, liver and kidney detoxification function is not perfect, thus providing them with food regardless of safety and nutrition on, should have more stringent standards. Insiders said that the food-related standards in our country, there is food for infant formula, complementary food safety standards, but for children under 3 years of age, but no access standards and precise definition of children's food. Lack of standards, resulting in sales of the current market, many so-called children's food is really just a marketing gimmick. Reporters interview, many parents said, "In fact, not very clear baby food and general food any different. But since written a children's food, I fear for the baby, you have your truth." However, the child's parents of food safety checks alone is clearly not enough. According to reports, many Western countries have on children foods high regulatory standards, such as the United Kingdom in 2006 passed a bill to prohibit the broadcast at 21:00 in front of children under the age of 10 ads for junk food; in France the production of fake and shoddy food for children the offenses as "crimes against security"; US wholesale production of fake and shoddy food for children parties punishable by imprisonment and a fine of 250 thousand to 1 million US dollars. Insiders suggested that 3 young children over the age of infant food safety issues and food safety issues 3 years of age should be considered equivalent, the development of more stringent safety standards for young children often eat food, it requires manufacturers in the production of "ordinary Edition "at the same time launched the" Green Kids, "for children and parents to choose. "Green Kids" Food additives may be used less kind, less allows you to add limits. Many consumers told reporters reflect the state should introduce relevant standards for children in the real consumption of snack foods or beverages printed on eye-catching logo to help consumers make the right choices. Children food additives flooding "The same juice, fresh fruit juice I drink out of him, and this mall contain additives, preservatives but she was fond of." Allison mother complained. Reporters found that, Allison said her mother, this child is indeed more juice to drink up sweet and sour, and a column in food ingredients, sweetener, fruit syrup, thickeners and other food additives. Children food counters in shopping malls, sparkling little jelly, juice bright, colorful puffed food, crispy and delicious rice cakes ...... these delicious temptation to children, stimulate their appetite, but these foods have a special sweet incense , so that children stop. Color color food is generally added natural pigments and synthetic pigments made. Natural pigment is usually extracted from plants, its source less difficult to extract, high prices, poor color strength, the manufacturers do not want to use. The synthetic pigment having a refining method is simple, low cost, strong coloring and other features, is extracted from petroleum or coal tar out of the refining process will be mixed with aniline, arsenic and other chemical substances that have different toxicities. "Children permitted daily intake of the additive is about half the absolute value of the adult." A Food Institute technical staff said that if more, it will cause harm to children's physical development. If the long-term excessive consumption of foods containing synthetic pigment will affect nervous system development, prone to restlessness, mood swings, lack of concentration, poor self-control, thinking rebellious, aggressive behavior and other adverse reactions. "Children like colorful packaging, sweet and sour taste, businesses thoroughly understand the child's psychological, it is designed to attract children these children's food. You know it unhealthy, but that is not touching the child is not realistic." Allison Mom frustration. "Eat healthy concept to instill an early age when he started, try to keep him away from the bright pigment synthesis charm, children should feel more original ecological food taste better. Wants the state to be able to introduce more stringent standards and regulatory measures to allow the children eat more healthy, to give parents more peace of mind. "Allison mother told reporters tell their own aspirations. Possession of overseas purchasing imperfect regulatory risk Today, online shopping has become part of modern life, "Internet +" of the environment is to allow parents to domestic world, find themselves bored satisfied with the goods. "My baby drink milk, with a friend from overseas purchasing diapers are back. These products are of good quality, the price is also cheaper than the domestic half." Just a mother Zhang said. In addition to milk, diapers, the bottles, health care and other maternal and child products overseas residents have also been favorable for Chinese mothers. "In contrast, I still trust foreign maternal and child products, coupled with overseas purchasing is now quite easy, I naturally choose foreign products." Turning to overseas purchasing, an expectant mother says. Baby products overseas purchasing increasingly popular, can be compared with conventional shopping, it also has troubling place. For example, the supply in the end is true or false? After the purchase can not be returned? How claimant encountered quality problems? These make consumers confused. "Now do overseas purchasing so much that we buy products, how to distinguish between true and false do? Fake online purchasing too many." Mothers Liu said, "deceived a small matter, healthy children something big ah." "Before I had a shopping site purchasing in the United States, Dr. Brown's bottle and found the bottle on the scale is not accurate, the feeling is a fake and shoddy products. I called customer service, no answer. Fortunately, only a bottle, if it is milk or other baby food supplements, it is bad. "Miss Xia told reporters.

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