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How much to eat but the amount of food additives

How much to eat but the amount of food additives   Frequent adjustments in the types of food recipes, avoid long-term accumulation in the body of certain substances. Try to choose less processed foods, especially pregnant women and children,   You certainly can not remember how much food has been eaten, the consumer can not judge, even if marked, is how much of the total additive, and does not indicate the content of additives in many food packaging, can not judge. Opinion, how much to eat is not exceeded. We have to rely on the government to strengthen food safety management.   How can I judge the content of this product additives are not exceeded it? Eat a variety of foods, inside wrote: As long as the state food additive within the scope and doses, unscrupulous businessmen are now so many, but, (Iowa) and, stacking up the food additive is excessive? It is safe.

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