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Ten years moon cake why not bad not bad food additive use and the type of punishment standard inventory

Law, if the procurement or use of non-production license, the label is not standardized or unknown sources of food additives, can confiscate the illegal income, illegal production and management of food and for tools, equipment, raw materials and other items of illegal production and management, the value of the amount of less than 10,000 yuan, and impose a fine of 2000 to 50,000 yuan; the value of the amount of 10,000 yuan or more, two to five times the value of the amount impose fines. For example, tartrazine and sunset yellow 60 of 60 for color, is not allowed to add food additives in bread. But add sunset yellow and tartrazine can make bread colors look better, some businesses do this often illegal to add, so as to achieve less put jam, reduce costs. When a number of food companies to reduce production costs and abuse of food additives have occurred, which will undoubtedly bring a food safety risk.   According to the results of a comprehensive quality inspection departments repeatedly sampling analysis, especially excessive or illegal use of food additives mainly in the following five: 1 bleach. In food processing applications very broad, such as hydrogen peroxide, sulfite and the like. Nutritional content of food oxidation bleach will suffer oxidative damage. 2. colorants. Make food coloring and improving food color substances, such as amaranth, carmine, erythrosine, new red, the temptation to red, lemon yellow, sunset yellow. Those gaudy colors exaggerated food, there may be a problem of abuse colorant. 3. preservatives. Mainly refers sorbic acid, benzoic acid and other chemicals, some enterprises in order to save costs, choose and excessive use of benzoic acid, and some companies even use formaldehyde and formalin and other non-food grade industrial raw materials to force sterilization, to food security pose a serious threat. The flavors and fragrances. Water-soluble flavors, oil soluble flavors, seasoning liquid flavor, and mixing microcapsule powder flavor powder flavor. There are a considerable number of enterprises privately production, distribution, use state-approved food without spices, or use low-priced goods, illegal materials to make huge profits. 5. sweeteners. Include sucrose, glucose, fructose, fructose syrup, saccharin sodium. Lower cost of saccharin in the use of a certain ceiling, but some companies are using illegal excess still exists, especially in some of the most common low-quality drinks, preserves and fruit in.

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