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Is Citric Acid Safe to Eat?

Citric acid is a natural acid that is found in many fruits. It is very bitter, and it gives fruits like lemons and limes their characteristic sour flavor. Citric acid is a common food additive and is found in everything from sodas to candies. A small amount of citric acid can boost the "tanginess" of certain candy flavors like lemon, lime, orange, and raspberry candies, and make them taste more natural and similar to the raw fruits. A larger amount of citric acid is used to produce candies that are very sour, like the sour gummy worms that have become popular.?
Citric acid is a natural substance and very few people are allergic to it. It is quite sour and might cause stomach discomfort if consumed in large quantities, but most candy recipes call for very small amounts that should be harmless to almost everyone. Getting citric acid in your eyes may cause eye irritation, so use caution when handling it.

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