4 Highly Recommended Xbox Games for the Hardcore Gamer

In the modern world of Xbox 360 games, sometimes it is hard to get appropriate games you would like. With the current technology, they are starting to find something more challenging than Mario Brothers and the like, but you cannot let them play violent and leave abundant games for the older teens and adults. Well, one of the Highly Recommended Xbox Game for the Hardcore Gamer is the Prince of Persia.

The Prince of Persia Xbox video gaming commenced with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time in 2003. With this first version, the character types were very animation in features, but the overall images were beautiful, and the overall gameplay was new and fun. It required a great balance of controller skills to maneuver the individuals along surfaces and trapezes also to beat the occasional “Boss” and puzzle reasoning to determine just the way to get in one location to the next. The effect was a casino game that was fun for almost everyone in your family.


With the troubled arrival of the sequel, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, many, including myself, were deeply disappointed to note that the authors acquired tried to charm to older teenagers by providing more realistic graphics and exceedingly gory views. In fact, within just a few minutes of the beginning of the overall game, the player was witness to many very natural decapitations. That was enough to cause this person to come back the game without the further play. They could have added some hardcore gamer followers, but I’m sure this is at the loss of a lot more family players.


After this disastrous try out, it was a pleasure to find that the 3rd installment, Prince of Persia, got returned to all or any the great features that made the game great fun to begin with. The images are upgraded over the initial game, particularly the people, but an animation feel remains to remind the players that this is fun, not battle. While this game continues to be suitable for youngsters, your preteens and even teens will appreciate the increased realism of the design and the more involved gameplay. I would highly recommend this game for your loved ones. Use it as a best exercise machine for arms, or fingers for that matter.